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The Vex game series is a series of challenging action packed adventure game. If you prefer games that challenge your skills and like a little thinking while playing, these games are for you. You will surely love every game of the series from the first game to the last. Feel the adrenaline rush as you make the stick figure run, jump, swim, slide down, go up walls and make some athletic acts while avoiding deadly obstacles.


The first game, Vex, has a Tutorial and eight Acts or levels. In the Tutorial, you can practice getting used with the controls you control the stick figure with either the A,S,W,D keys or the arrow keys. The Tutorial stage is also an overview of how the game works. And even though it is a tutorial, it already poses a challenge.

Your main goal in the game is to make it through in each and every Act with the shortest possible time. But as you go on your journey, you have to take extra precautions for obstacles are all over the platforms. One slight mistake will result to death. You have unlimited life count but the number of deaths is being counted and shown at the upper left corner just right under the Act number. And too high death count is kind of annoying. But even so, do not be hindered in playing by the number of deaths. Anyway, after you cleared the level, the count of death will not be shown in the level hub.

In the Main Menu, you will also see the Stage Builder panel. In here, you can build your own stage. There are available blocks, obstacles and extras that you will find at the left bottom of the screen. Then try to play it if you could complete it. When you have completed, you will be asked if you want to share, save or edit the stage. Grab the stage code after you have saved it. You can share it to friends or email it to the game developer so they can feature your game in the Vex Community.

You can play any of the Vex games at your desire. But it is recommended that you play the first game first before the harder installments.

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