Twist and flip your mind in Shift 4

Black and white game sounds boring correct? Try out Shift 4 and that belief will become a myth. Prepare your mind to be twisted and flipped by this 2D, black and white, addictive puzzle game. Help a shadow run through a labyrinth of rooms and find his family after their ship crashed and got separated to pieces. This game is very tricky and requires your full concentration and focus. Will you be able to get out of the labyrinth and find the shadow’s family? Or will you be trapped forever in that labyrinth?

You play as the shadow in Shift 4, use the left and right arrow keys to move walk. Use the Up arrow to enter doors and the Shift key to turn into white and go walk inside the black wall. There are also special key icons that you need to get to make some walls move, and to unblock doors. The arrow icons will flip the room upside down. Master shifting colors and walking on walls and utilize the icons to proceed to the next room. There are also spikes on some rooms that you need to jump over. After getting to a certain room, you will need to control 2 characters that will open up more mechanics in the game. You can now go to rooms that you cannot go to with 1 shadow. There is no other way to finish the 1st stage but using 2 characters, because there are rooms that need 1 person stepping on a ledge and another one moving on to the door.


There are no limits on the number of times you spawn, but there is a time limit. Make sure that you escape as fast as you can as there are no items that extend the time. However after finishing a chapter your time will reset back to full and you can start rescuing a family member again. If you are stuck in a room or a chapter, there are videos that show you the walkthrough or how to finish that certain area.

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