Survive the bullets in Survival Lab

Do you have an idea what Survival Lab is? Is it a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the first and second options, then you are completely wrong because this is actually an example of a flash game. Do you have an idea what this game is all about? If you are clueless, let this article help you along the way.

Survival Lab

This game is all about surviving or dodging the bullets shot by the main enemy while collecting the coins and necessary stuffs that will boost your total score at the end of the game. There are three reasons why you will love playing this particular game. First is because of the simple but entertaining graphics involved or incorporated that simply add up to the aesthetic of the flash game. Second is because of the challenging and tough goal or objective in the game. Last is because of the numerous levels to engage with which make the game more exciting and entertaining. The main goal of the players who will be dealing with this particular game is to avoid or dodge the bullets while collecting the coins set up on the game screen.

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