Shoot and bomb the rednecks in Turkey Got Guts

During Thanksgiving, one of the food that should be present on the table is turkey. This is considered as a symbols of prosperity and abundance which is one of the main reason to be thankful in general. Turkey is considered as a great animal because of the purpose it serves to mankind and in the environment. But do you have an idea that there is a flash game about this animal? The name of the game is Turkey Got Guts.

Turkey Got Guts (1)

The best thing about playing this game is the charismatic character which is the turkey. The scenario in this game is that the greedy rednecks are going after the turkey to make it their meal. The turkey must do its best to be alive. Your goal or objective is control the turkey as it shoots the rednecks who are trying to kill it. You have to be fast and precise in shooting because the rednecks are everywhere.

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