Redball 5

Are you fond of playing games that test your skills and wit? Then you should play the Red Ball game series. Each and every episode of the series is an enjoyable game. You will guide the Red Ball as he go on his quest. Make him roll and jump and do some stunts. And if you want to play the latest Red Ball, just click on the link.

Red Ball 5, or better known as Red Ball 4 volume 2, is the fifth edition of the game. To date, it may not be the latest Red Ball. But even so, you will still enjoy playing it as much as you will enjoy the latest Red Ball.

The object of the game is to help the Red Ball be reunited with his lover. To do this, he has to embark on a dangerous journey. Guide the red ball as he goes deep into the forest. Be very careful though, there are many dangers in the forest. Black squares are everywhere. Do not be in touch with them unless you will jump on them. There are also other treacherous obstacles like the buzz saws and the ninja box. And you go on, collect all the stars along the way. There are also checkpoints represented by red flags. When you die, you will go back to the last checkpoint you have reached. But take note that you only have three lives which you will find at the top left corner of the screen and are represented by hearts.


There are fifteen levels to enjoy in this game. As you play, try your best to complete the sixteen Achievements. To see the Achievements you have gained, you can check the Achievements Room. Challenge yourself to achieve the last Achievement, the Diamond Cup. But to receive it, you have to complete all other Achievements.

Red ball game series, especially the latest Red Ball, are all addicting adventure games everyone would love. Yes, even children will love playing the game series. Aside from the attractive and fine graphics, the storyline of each episode is captivating. And there is not violence or foul languages will be found in the game.

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