Plow more zombies in Earn To Die 4

Most zombie games are fun to play. Zombie characters are known to either eat you or infest you. Playing zombie games gives you the sense of excitement and thrill as you try to kill them or elude them.

In the Earn to Die game series, you will surely enjoy eluding the zombies. And not only elude, you will even plow zombies giving you the feeling of victory. The story began when zombies had invaded your home town. Searching for a way to finally be safe, you saw from afar a helicopter which seems to be waiting for survivors like you. And so you will need a car to get to the place where the helicopter is. For a start, you can buy the hatchback.

As expected, the zombies will try to stop you in the aim to feed on you. So you need to drive through them to kill them. Your score and cash earned will depend on the distance you have reached and the number of zombies you have killed. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, upgrade your car for better performance on the next day. You can upgrade your car’s transmissions, boosts, engines, wheels, fuel tank and weapon. It would be advisable to upgrade your fuel tank first though.

To finish the game or to reach the place where the helicopter is, you will need three vehicles. When you have earned enough money, buy the old good pickup and the cool heavy truck. However, take note that the upgrades you made on your prior vehicle does not match with the other vehicles. It is also worthy to mention that the hatchback and the old good pickup will not reach the helicopter even when fully upgraded. In other words, only the cool heavy truck will make it through and must be fully upgraded.


In the first Earn to Die, one wheel upgrade is missing. In Earn to Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Earn to Die 4 is an improved Earn to Die 1: the same storyline with a lot of improvements on the gameplay itself. So plow more zombies and complete the upgrades of your vehicles.

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