Help Wheely save the princess in Wheely 6

Wheely is back for another fun adventure in the sixth installment of the Wheely game series. In Wheely 6 Fairytale, the red car watched a movie where an evil knight transported him into a fairy land. Your main goal is to save the princess who was taken by the evil knight that is riding the purple dragon. Once again help him through all the levels by clearing his path. There will be different kinds of obstacles which you must surpass.

As you play, try to get three stars in each level by finding the miniature Wheely and the wheel. Wheely 6 Fairytale is another challenging and addicting version of the game series. It is also said to be the most successful sequel. There are fourteen levels to solve and fifty two stars to collect all in all. Know more about the game and play for free at

Wheely 6 (5)

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