A great combination of entertainment in Fashion Solitaire

Fashion is one of the things that is trending through the years. This is where style and passion meets. Most people tend to engage with it because of the benefits that they can get. Solitaire is a popular game in computers and in real life which is about card organization. This is a simple way to entertain oneself during boredom or free time. What if you combine the two? What do you think will happen?

The answer is a great flash game called Fashion Solitaire. This is a great game which is perfect for young girls and even boys who aspire to be in the fashion industry someday. The objective of the game is pretty similar with the gameplay that solitaire offers. The players will have to dress and style the model in each level. The cards include certain stuffs which correspond to the item needed by a particular model. There are 45 fashionable levels in this game that will surely entertain and aspire many people.


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