Feed the greedy creature in Effing Worms

Reincarnation is a theory or belief where one is able to live or appear in another time which is mostly about the past. But there are needed answers to finally suggest that this is true and really happening up to this day. In terms of entertainment, it is nice to talk about reincarnation and what one has become in the past. If you are looking for a game with a touch of reincarnation and awesomeness, it is the game called Effing Worms. If you don’t love worms, you can at least play as a worm in this entertaining medium.

Effing Worms 2 (2)

Your goal as the player is to act as the greedy and giant worm which is always on the hunt for blood and flesh. You will have to move above the surface of the ground where human stick figures are lurking for you to indulge. Your ultimate objective is to reach the possible highest score ever. Have fun and create a blast playing this game.

Be careful on touching the squares in Mini Skears

Colors and shapes have been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are three reasons why they are greatly appreciated and inserted in the mentioned mediums. First is because of the fact that they give life to anything or any background. Second is because of the familiarity that people have towards them making the entertainment alive easily. Last is because of the fact that they make the game, movie and television series appealing and attractive. One good example of a flash game that incorporates both themes is the one called Mini Skears.


Your goal or mission in this particular game is very simple. Your objective is to click or touch the violet squares lurking around the screen which are moving towards the center where a blue circle is located. Don’t let the violet squares touch the blue circle and don’t touch the pink ones to avoid losing one life. Try your best to advance on the next level.

An incredible world it is in Duck Life World

Do you have an idea about Duck Life World? Is it a type of club about sports? Is it a title of a television series or a movie? Or is it an example of a flash game? If your answer pertains to the last option or choice, you are totally right. Duck Life World is not only a flash game but a compilation too. This contains a series of games which are all related to each other making it a great game series. Obviously, this is about a duck which will take part on an adventure in different environment.

Duck Life (2)

Duck Life World is a compilation of great games. The story of the game that will eventually evolve as the series progresses starts when a player who owns a farm was devastated due to the fact that a tornado has demolished all his belongings and properties leaving him a single duck egg. In order to regain all his fortune, he must take good care of the egg until it hatches. Train it to become the greatest duck ever. There are five editions which you can find in this compilation. They are Duck Life 1 to 5. Search it now and enjoy!

Pop the colored bubbles in Bubble Shooter 2

Bubble Shooter 2 is the second installment from the flash game series called Bubble Shooter. This series has been very successful because of the action and gameplay it presents to many people or gamers. There are two more reasons why it is loved by players around the world. First is because it is a simple but child-friendly shooting game. Unlike others, it serves simple graphics which are not harmful to anyone at all. Second reason is because it is exciting due to its gameplay which is nerve-wracking as you play the game continuously. Continue reading the second paragraph for more explanation about the game presented in this article.

Bubble Shooter 2 (2)

Even if it is already the second installment, many gamers can expect that the excitement will be leveled up and improved. The changes pertain to gameplay and graphics to make it more attractive and refreshing. The goal is still the same which is to pop the colored bubbles according to their colors. Make sure that they are color coordinated to eliminate them in the game screen. There are no rounds in this game which means it will depend on your continuation of play. Its main website is http://www.bubbleshooter2.co/.

Think well in Bowel Physics Tower Defense

Bowel Physics Tower Defense is a strategy computer game online. Your bowel is full of germs. Those germs crawl from top to the bottom. Your ultimate goal is to shoot those bacteria before they invade and scatter all over your body. Before you click the START, you must place some towers in a strategic place outside your bowel. Choose from the towers available on your screen.


Upgrade your tower to kill germs because some of them are heavy and cannot be destroyed easily. Use your intelligence and best strategy you know in positioning the best tower of your choice. After putting your available towers, click START then watch how they kill every group of those invading army of viruses. This is one of the best tower defense games there is. After playing this game, you will surely recommend this to your friend.

A game with lots of improvements with Cyclomaniacs Racer

A bicycle or bike is considered as an environment-friendly vehicle because of two things. One is due to the fact that it doesn’t need or require oil or gas which are harmful to the environment. Second is because it has different purposes such as an exercise equipment, a transportation vehicle or a leisure one. The topic in this article circles around a flash game that features different kinds of bicycles. The name of the game is Cyclomaniacs Racers. This is actually a new version from the series called Cyclomaniacs. You will find some details and even more about this new game if you continue your reading.

cyclomaniacs racers (2)

With this new game, the players can experience a whole new adventure and excitement. The objective in this game is still the same with the previous editions but the changes pertains to the new features this one offers. In this game, the player can now customize his or her controls as well as his or her bikes. There are also new bicycles to be unlocked as well as upgrading of bike parts for better performance as well as reaching or attaining higher scores.

Protect the City from invaders in Vehicles 3

There are three factors that support the facts that the Vehicles flash game series is a big hit among players around the world. First is the entertainment factor where the designs and graphics are very pleasant which corresponds to the characters. Second factor is the uniqueness because it enables a player enjoy a game where vehicles and puzzle blend really well. Last factor is the continuity pertaining to levels and the fact that it is a series. This article is solely focused on the third installment which is called Vehicles 3.


Since this is already the third edition from the series, one can expect greater and better changes in the game. The story of this game is that the bad vehicles are invading the city again and as a responsible vehicles, the municipal vehicles are trying their best to eliminate the invaders. The objective is to bump or crush bad vehicles by using the municipal vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance and police car. You will surely enjoy this third installment because of the 36 exciting levels that it has.

Control the insect precisely in Bug on a Wire

Insects are living things that should be given importance because of three reasons. One is because they are created by God just like other living things which should be respected, appreciated and well taken care of. Second reason is because they balance the ecosystem and the environment. If there are less insects, there will be abnormality with the surrounding. Last reason is because they have life just like us and no further explanation needed. There is a flash game that shows appreciation with insects and it is called Bug on a Wire.

If you want to engage with this game, it is integral that you are aware of its objective. The game features a bug located on a wire. Your mission or objective as the player is to control the bug as it moves forward on the wires. There will be obstacles or hindrances that should be passed by quickly shifting or moving the bug from one wire to another. You must be quick in controlling the bug in order to finish with a high score.


It is the introductory game in Red Remover 1

Red Remover 1 is the first edition from the colorful game series called Red Remover. It is one of the many game series or flash games that focuses on colors. Being the introductory game in any series is very important because of two things. One is because it serves as the jump start of the story that will go on throughout the series. Two is because it will serve as the benchmark of the features and challenges that will develop in the series. This flash game is developed and created by Gaz.


As mentioned earlier, this game has something to do with colors. The player’s main objective is to simply remove the red objects which come in different shapes like squares, rectangles and circles. There are red objects that are easily removed by clicking on it while others require gravity and strategy to eliminate. There are other colors presented to make the game more challenging such as green and blue ones. Your score will be based on the execution and elimination of red objects and protection of the green ones. You can find more information OVER AT THIS WEBSITE.

Classic reinvention of solitaire in Tripeaks Sheriff

Solitaire is a classic game of cards. It has been a great entertainment dating back to the 70’s up to now. There are two reasons why it is addictive and entertaining. One is because of the goal which is to arrange the cards according to their color and category such as hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Two is because of the trial and error existing which really challenges and entertains the player. There is a great reinvention of this game which is called Tripeaks Sheriff.

tripeaks sheriff

tripeaks sheriff (2)

It is a flash game which means you don’t need a real set of cards because the playing field is a virtual one. This game’s objective is pretty much the same with the classic solitaire game which is to arrange and categorize the cards. Stack cards on pile that are 1 away crok the card pile just like the same classic moves in this card game. If you want to experience such game, you can easily search for it online and have a blast.