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the scary maze game 1

If you enjoy playing maze games, the scary maze game is one of the best maze games you will see online. It is a fun game where you will not only enjoy playing. Your skills will also be enhanced. In playing scary maze game, you need to cross the maze as soon as possible bearing […]

Plow more zombies in Earn To Die 4

Most zombie games are fun to play. Zombie characters are known to either eat you or infest you. Playing zombie games gives you the sense of excitement and thrill as you try to kill them or elude them. In the Earn to Die game series, you will surely enjoy eluding the zombies. And not only […]

Vex Gaming

The Vex game series is a series of challenging action packed adventure game. If you prefer games that challenge your skills and like a little thinking while playing, these games are for you. You will surely love every game of the series from the first game to the last. Feel the adrenaline rush as you […]

Redball 5

Are you fond of playing games that test your skills and wit? Then you should play the Red Ball game series. Each and every episode of the series is an enjoyable game. You will guide the Red Ball as he go on his quest. Make him roll and jump and do some stunts. And if […]

Shoot and bomb the rednecks in Turkey Got Guts

During Thanksgiving, one of the food that should be present on the table is turkey. This is considered as a symbols of prosperity and abundance which is one of the main reason to be thankful in general. Turkey is considered as a great animal because of the purpose it serves to mankind and in the […]

Release your fury on the tracks with Four Wheel Fury

Racing games are very popular in the gaming world because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that they involve cars and racing action which most people truly love. Second is because of the challenge they bring with the hinders and struggles to avoid or overcome. One good example is Four Wheel Fury. […]

Save your village from slavery in Ninja Brawl

Are you fond of games that are full of action and challenges? Do you like fighting like ninjas? Be prepared to fight in Ninja Brawl flash game. An evil Samurai Master had unleashed his army to conquer the world and enslave everyone. You have to fight against his army and save everyone from his evil […]

Twist and flip your mind in Shift 4

Black and white game sounds boring correct? Try out Shift 4 and that belief will become a myth. Prepare your mind to be twisted and flipped by this 2D, black and white, addictive puzzle game. Help a shadow run through a labyrinth of rooms and find his family after their ship crashed and got separated […]

Help The Shotgun Princess find her way out

Do you enjoy finding items and clues and solving puzzles or mysteries with them? Are you good at finding your way out in a very complicated situation? Then try your skills and help The Shotgun Princess from escaping her house. One late night, she came home from a hunting trip and found a note on […]

Make something out of nothing in Potty Racers 4

Technology has greatly and positively affected the way people get entertainment. For example, games before are usually played in centers and consoles but now, they can be downloaded anytime and anywhere. Due to the advancement of technology, games are now easier to play and download compared to the video games in the past. There are […]