the scary maze game 1

If you enjoy playing maze games, the scary maze game is one of the best maze games you will see online. It is a fun game where you will not only enjoy playing. Your skills will also be enhanced.

In playing scary maze game, you need to cross the maze as soon as possible bearing in mind one rule. You are forbidden to touch the walls of the maze. Touching the walls of the maze is fatal. The game will be over and you will need to start from the start again. And if you are lucky enough, you might also get the surprise of your life.


When you play scary maze game, it will definitely improve some of your skills. Your hand and eye coordination will surely get better. You have to look carefully as you cross the maze and see to it that your hand does not make the object touch the walls of the maze. The first maze of the game is easy to cross since it has a wide road and not too many turns. But as you level up, mazes get narrower and turn a lot, making it harder to cross without touching the walls of the maze.

Your concentration and patience will be heightened as well. You have to be fully concentrated when you play scary maze game. You should not be distracted while playing, both by actual disturbances and in-game distractions. And great patience is needed as you play. You cannot play the game in a hurry or impatiently.

The Scary Maze Game 1 can now be played everywhere you are. Thanks to the unblocked version of the game. You can now play it even when you are in the office, in the school, in the comfort of your house, or anywhere you are. You can even play Scary Maze Game now in your Apple devices by downloading it at

Plow more zombies in Earn To Die 4

Most zombie games are fun to play. Zombie characters are known to either eat you or infest you. Playing zombie games gives you the sense of excitement and thrill as you try to kill them or elude them.

In the Earn to Die game series, you will surely enjoy eluding the zombies. And not only elude, you will even plow zombies giving you the feeling of victory. The story began when zombies had invaded your home town. Searching for a way to finally be safe, you saw from afar a helicopter which seems to be waiting for survivors like you. And so you will need a car to get to the place where the helicopter is. For a start, you can buy the hatchback.

As expected, the zombies will try to stop you in the aim to feed on you. So you need to drive through them to kill them. Your score and cash earned will depend on the distance you have reached and the number of zombies you have killed. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, upgrade your car for better performance on the next day. You can upgrade your car’s transmissions, boosts, engines, wheels, fuel tank and weapon. It would be advisable to upgrade your fuel tank first though.

To finish the game or to reach the place where the helicopter is, you will need three vehicles. When you have earned enough money, buy the old good pickup and the cool heavy truck. However, take note that the upgrades you made on your prior vehicle does not match with the other vehicles. It is also worthy to mention that the hatchback and the old good pickup will not reach the helicopter even when fully upgraded. In other words, only the cool heavy truck will make it through and must be fully upgraded.


In the first Earn to Die, one wheel upgrade is missing. In Earn to Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Earn to Die 4 is an improved Earn to Die 1: the same storyline with a lot of improvements on the gameplay itself. So plow more zombies and complete the upgrades of your vehicles.

Vex Gaming

The Vex game series is a series of challenging action packed adventure game. If you prefer games that challenge your skills and like a little thinking while playing, these games are for you. You will surely love every game of the series from the first game to the last. Feel the adrenaline rush as you make the stick figure run, jump, swim, slide down, go up walls and make some athletic acts while avoiding deadly obstacles.


The first game, Vex, has a Tutorial and eight Acts or levels. In the Tutorial, you can practice getting used with the controls you control the stick figure with either the A,S,W,D keys or the arrow keys. The Tutorial stage is also an overview of how the game works. And even though it is a tutorial, it already poses a challenge.

Your main goal in the game is to make it through in each and every Act with the shortest possible time. But as you go on your journey, you have to take extra precautions for obstacles are all over the platforms. One slight mistake will result to death. You have unlimited life count but the number of deaths is being counted and shown at the upper left corner just right under the Act number. And too high death count is kind of annoying. But even so, do not be hindered in playing by the number of deaths. Anyway, after you cleared the level, the count of death will not be shown in the level hub.

In the Main Menu, you will also see the Stage Builder panel. In here, you can build your own stage. There are available blocks, obstacles and extras that you will find at the left bottom of the screen. Then try to play it if you could complete it. When you have completed, you will be asked if you want to share, save or edit the stage. Grab the stage code after you have saved it. You can share it to friends or email it to the game developer so they can feature your game in the Vex Community.

You can play any of the Vex games at your desire. But it is recommended that you play the first game first before the harder installments.

Redball 5

Are you fond of playing games that test your skills and wit? Then you should play the Red Ball game series. Each and every episode of the series is an enjoyable game. You will guide the Red Ball as he go on his quest. Make him roll and jump and do some stunts. And if you want to play the latest Red Ball, just click on the link.

Red Ball 5, or better known as Red Ball 4 volume 2, is the fifth edition of the game. To date, it may not be the latest Red Ball. But even so, you will still enjoy playing it as much as you will enjoy the latest Red Ball.

The object of the game is to help the Red Ball be reunited with his lover. To do this, he has to embark on a dangerous journey. Guide the red ball as he goes deep into the forest. Be very careful though, there are many dangers in the forest. Black squares are everywhere. Do not be in touch with them unless you will jump on them. There are also other treacherous obstacles like the buzz saws and the ninja box. And you go on, collect all the stars along the way. There are also checkpoints represented by red flags. When you die, you will go back to the last checkpoint you have reached. But take note that you only have three lives which you will find at the top left corner of the screen and are represented by hearts.


There are fifteen levels to enjoy in this game. As you play, try your best to complete the sixteen Achievements. To see the Achievements you have gained, you can check the Achievements Room. Challenge yourself to achieve the last Achievement, the Diamond Cup. But to receive it, you have to complete all other Achievements.

Red ball game series, especially the latest Red Ball, are all addicting adventure games everyone would love. Yes, even children will love playing the game series. Aside from the attractive and fine graphics, the storyline of each episode is captivating. And there is not violence or foul languages will be found in the game.

Shoot and bomb the rednecks in Turkey Got Guts

During Thanksgiving, one of the food that should be present on the table is turkey. This is considered as a symbols of prosperity and abundance which is one of the main reason to be thankful in general. Turkey is considered as a great animal because of the purpose it serves to mankind and in the environment. But do you have an idea that there is a flash game about this animal? The name of the game is Turkey Got Guts.

Turkey Got Guts (1)

The best thing about playing this game is the charismatic character which is the turkey. The scenario in this game is that the greedy rednecks are going after the turkey to make it their meal. The turkey must do its best to be alive. Your goal or objective is control the turkey as it shoots the rednecks who are trying to kill it. You have to be fast and precise in shooting because the rednecks are everywhere.

Release your fury on the tracks with Four Wheel Fury

Racing games are very popular in the gaming world because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that they involve cars and racing action which most people truly love. Second is because of the challenge they bring with the hinders and struggles to avoid or overcome. One good example is Four Wheel Fury. This is a racing game that has been offering tremendous entertainment to many gamers worldwide. There are two reasons why you will be hooked with this game.


First is because of the involvement of a vehicle such as a bike which is the main tool for the race ahead. Second is because of the challenge that will be occurring as the player races with other opponents. Obviously, your objective has something to do with racing since this is a game of cars. You will be a bike racer going into certain races. You will have to be tremendous in driving and racing process. You can pick up ribbons that can boost your scores. You should be able to unleash your fury on the tracks and defeat other racers with all your might.

Save your village from slavery in Ninja Brawl

Are you fond of games that are full of action and challenges? Do you like fighting like ninjas? Be prepared to fight in Ninja Brawl flash game. An evil Samurai Master had unleashed his army to conquer the world and enslave everyone. You have to fight against his army and save everyone from his evil plan. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose a character.

As you level up, you will unlock more characters. Use the arrow keys to move, double tap left or right arrow keys to run and Spacebar to jump. Use the Letters A and S keys to attack. To throw shuriken, press Letter D key; to toggle between weapons, press Letter Q key and to throw bomb, use the Letter W key. Ninja Brawl is an action-packed online game. you can chat with other players while playing.

Ninja Brawl (8)

Twist and flip your mind in Shift 4

Black and white game sounds boring correct? Try out Shift 4 and that belief will become a myth. Prepare your mind to be twisted and flipped by this 2D, black and white, addictive puzzle game. Help a shadow run through a labyrinth of rooms and find his family after their ship crashed and got separated to pieces. This game is very tricky and requires your full concentration and focus. Will you be able to get out of the labyrinth and find the shadow’s family? Or will you be trapped forever in that labyrinth?

You play as the shadow in Shift 4, use the left and right arrow keys to move walk. Use the Up arrow to enter doors and the Shift key to turn into white and go walk inside the black wall. There are also special key icons that you need to get to make some walls move, and to unblock doors. The arrow icons will flip the room upside down. Master shifting colors and walking on walls and utilize the icons to proceed to the next room. There are also spikes on some rooms that you need to jump over. After getting to a certain room, you will need to control 2 characters that will open up more mechanics in the game. You can now go to rooms that you cannot go to with 1 shadow. There is no other way to finish the 1st stage but using 2 characters, because there are rooms that need 1 person stepping on a ledge and another one moving on to the door.


There are no limits on the number of times you spawn, but there is a time limit. Make sure that you escape as fast as you can as there are no items that extend the time. However after finishing a chapter your time will reset back to full and you can start rescuing a family member again. If you are stuck in a room or a chapter, there are videos that show you the walkthrough or how to finish that certain area.

Help The Shotgun Princess find her way out

Do you enjoy finding items and clues and solving puzzles or mysteries with them? Are you good at finding your way out in a very complicated situation? Then try your skills and help The Shotgun Princess from escaping her house. One late night, she came home from a hunting trip and found a note on her door written by goblins. When she entered her house, the door locked itself. So now she must find a way to escape her own house.


Start finding items and clues she will need to be able to escape. It is a small house but lots of places to search. It is just a short but very challenging escape game that you would just realized you were able to finally escape. But if you ever you got stuck and cannot find another item, there is a walkthrough button is at the right bottom of the screen.

Make something out of nothing in Potty Racers 4

Technology has greatly and positively affected the way people get entertainment. For example, games before are usually played in centers and consoles but now, they can be downloaded anytime and anywhere. Due to the advancement of technology, games are now easier to play and download compared to the video games in the past. There are different categories of flash games that a player can freely choose. If you like something unique, you can try the flash game called Potty Racers 4.

Potty Racers 4 (4)

This is the fourth installment from the game series called Potty Racers. This game utilizes a potty that will be used by the racer in the game. This is not a simple game because you will also have to retrieve the stars lost apart from racing in certain tracks. This is a snafu ride fun game developed by Gonzo Games. If you are excited to play, click now!